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characteristics Features

New Technology Super Low Noise : Improve soft/hard ware, optimum waveform. The motor as quiet as running with commercial power.

All Model Equipped With IPM : Employ Ipm (intelligent power module) for power device.
- IPM provides numerous advantages such as quiet operation.high efficiency, high torque smoother shaft rotation and improved reliability.

Expansion Of Frequency Range : The range of variable frequency has been greatly extended from 0.5Hz-400Hz. and S curve for smooth ACC/DEC.performance.

Upgrading V/F Characteristic : Provide constant torque curve (F ) reduce torque curve (F ) and (F ) for FAN/PUMP drive, adjustable saving energy operation and wide basic voltage setting from 30Hz-400Hz. Double V/F curve performance.

Enhanced I/O Function :Built-in variable digital/analog input functions to suit a wide array of needs, easy to install, convenient humanity operating features, (designed from the user viewpoint).

Compact structure : Compact size design make installation easier, it solve space limited problem.

Extended braking resistor available : All series with extended braking resistor terminals. It make machine more reliable in high frequency switching RUN/STOP or High speed/Low speed situation.

Degree of Protection : Motors have IP44 degree of protection as a standard feature conforming to IS 4691. Motors can be supplied with protection IP54 as well as IP55 on special request.


Model MS2 AS2 AS4
Input Voltage 1ø220VAC±10% 1ø220VAC±10% 3ø380/4400VAC±10%
KW/HP 0.2/0.25 0.4/0.5 0.75/1.0 1.5/2.0 2.2/3.0 0.4/0.5 0.75/1.0 1.5/2.0 2.2/3.0 0.75/1.0 1.5/2.0 2.2/3.0 3.7/5.0
Input Frequency 50~60Hz±10% 50~60Hz±10% 50~60Hz±10%
Output Voltage 3ø220VAC 3ø220VAC 3ø380/440VAC
Output Frequency 0.5~400Hz 0.5~400Hz 0.5~400Hz

Rated Current(A)

1.6 3 5 8 11 3 5 8 11 2.5 4 6 8.5

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